About Denise:

I have been in the hair industry covering all aspects of cosmetology since 2001.  I have always enjoyed and been good at doing all salon services but I seemed to shine in one particular area, specialty hair services. First it was hair extensions. I created my own brand of extensions in 2007 and began traveling to different states to offer my services to customers ranging from school teachers to Vegas entertainers to movie stars. Then, when the Brazilian Blowout Keratin Smoothing treatment made its way into the USA in 2010-2011 from Brazil, I took a firm interest in this up and coming service. Since 2011, I have been specializing in the Thermal Keratin Smoothing Treatments and teaching other professional hair stylists how to do these services in a professional hair salon. I have done well over 8000 treatments myself on customers in my salon, behind my chair thus earning a title of Master Certified Brazilian Blowout Stylist. I have used all types of thermal keratin treatments from around the world each with their own particular set of rules and instructions. I have done many hours of research and spoke with chemists that are responsible for formulating their brand of keratin products. I am convinced from my years in the industry, I am now using the best Brazilian Keratin Treatment on the market, Brasil Cacau by Cadiveau. It was in 2017 that I had realized this one particular brand of keratin treatment can easily be offered in a DIY home kit. I have always cared about the integrity and health of my customers hair. I have offered a lot advice to people and customers to improve their salon service experiences and save money by doing the best thing for their hair, not the best thing for my paycheck. That is what I am continuing to do. I want customers to be able to have access to this professional salon service at a fraction of the cost. I hear from my thousands of customers they wish they could come in sooner to get their keratin treatment done but they just couldn’t budget for the service or they just couldn’t find the time to come in. Yes, in a salon, this service has quite a price ticket. I have created the 1st of its kind Do It Yourself home kit with a step by step instructional video. It is offered at a fraction of the salon cost. I truly want what is best for the customer. I have gained many customers because of the integrity that I have in doing business. I even encourage my current customers to purchase the kit to use when they are not able to come into the salon. So, I’m extending this out to all my potential client/customers. You are not only purchasing a DIY home kit, but you are getting my years of experience in all the little pointers and tricks to do your hair as if I were doing it. The result of this Keratin Treatment is life changing. I’m passionate to extend this kit out for all to experience. The Brazilian Blowout……for all types of hair…….worldwide.
Your Brazilian Blowout Keratin instructor,
Denise M.

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