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Our kits contain the MOST USED PROFESSIONAL KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT IN THE WORLD, the Brasil Cacau brand by Cadiveau.

Cadiveau was established in 2007 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has since been the pioneering brand in thermal keratin smoothing treatments.

This brand has a unique technology that works with the Ph of your hair activated by acetic acid

as the catalyst to bridge the keratin and other beneficial ingredients into the hair giving you a healthy, frizz-free, smooth result.

Our partners at Cadiveau have formulated, produced and manufactured many other competitive brands currently on the market.

The Brazilian technology Cadiveau uses in keratin hair treatments have proven to be the leader in this industry worldwide.

The Brasil Cacau brand has been established and currently used in professional hair salons in over 80 countries worldwide and growing.

We are happy to bring you the best of the best in keratin treatments.

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